[Photographic equipment] Which equipment do you think is the best in terms of cost performance and reliability?

[Photographic equipment] Which equipment do you think is the best in terms of cost performance and reliability?
  1. Simply discussing the price/performance ratio is meaningless. The photographic equipment mainly consists of a body and a lens, which can be used in one set. Brands with high cost performance, such as Pentax and Sony, have low cost performance. The lens is cost-effective, such as Canon and Nikon, the body is not so kind.
  2. The reliability of each photographic equipment is very good, as long as it does not fall, the body is at least 20w shutter, the lens can really be a family treasure. But as long as it falls, it must be repaired. A few years ago, the Nikon d600 and d750 had design flaws, but they were all properly solved. So unless you buy a new listing, you happen to have a design flaw, then you may need to pay for your own.
  3. In addition to Sony’s lens, second-hand equipment cost is super high. Especially the fuselage, half a machine that has been used for more than one year is basically half price, and the whole pair is about half a 50% off. The lens is thousands to hundreds of dollars cheaper than the new one, depending on the level of player recognition, model and color. Therefore, under the premise that the person or the person around him has the ability to identify, the fuselage buys second-hand use as appropriate, and the lens tries to buy second-hand.
  4. The equipment with the highest frequency of use is the most cost-effective equipment. No matter how cheap a thing is, eating it and eating it is equivalent to throwing money. Therefore, the primary consideration for buying equipment should be demand.
  5. Personal experience.
[Photographic equipment] Which equipment do you think is the best in terms of cost performance and reliability?

5.1 Photographic Equipment – First Camera

The camera bought in the third year of 2013. At that time, I read a miscellaneous book such as SLR and found it on the Internet. I started the Pentax k30+1855 kit. This match is super cost-effective in the entry-level SLR. Newer sensors, smooth operation with dual dials, and three defenses.

However, after using it for a while, it is found that the so-called cost-effective choice is also very flawed. Slow and loud, and pull the focus of the bellows, slag to the high-quality image quality, adobe poor DNG format support. But the most deadly is the lens group and the price. In 14 years, the little friends who played together started to get 50 1.8 fixed focus. Canon five or six hundred, Nikon d head mistakes should be more than five hundred, Pentax da50 – close to 900. The quality of the picture is not much better than the second generation of the small 反. Later, they started Sigma 10 20, and Canon Nikon’s mouth was around 1,500. Pentax has only two or three people, and the price is more than 2k.

These two lenses have basically smoothed out the cost-effective advantages of the fuselage.

And Pentax’s small wide-angle large aperture is almost no (three princess prices are too expensive), while Canon has 28 biscuits and 40 biscuits, Nikon has 35 2d. Super wide-angle Canon Nikon is not the original factory, but also Tu Li 11 16 to do the backup.

For the Pentax entry level, where the sensitivity is as high as 800, the above two types of lenses are very important.

So I changed the door in the summer of 15 years.

The fuselage because of some bumps, niche brands. Even 1855 and da50 came out in 2k. Sigma 10 20 lost two or three hundred. The loss is still very large. However, it can also be understood that if you start using this set, the price is very high.

5.2 Photographic Equipment – Guest is Ni

At that time, the comprehensive consideration of Canon Nikon. (At the time, Sony had just released a7m2, the lens group was very limited, the flash system was not perfect, and there was no important consideration.) Canon had not yet released 6d2 and 5d4, 6d was the ancestral focus, and 5d3 was too old. Canon’s advantage lies in the top lens, 50 85 135 a few large apertures fixed focus is more powerful than Nikon, not to mention 2470 and 70200 (the Nikon has not yet 2470e). But the lens price is also relatively expensive.

Canon’s cost-effective lens is only 3740 and 50 1.8 three generations. Reasoning is also enough.

[Photographic equipment] Which equipment do you think is the best in terms of cost performance and reliability?

But at that time Nikon just out of the d750, focus and picture quality over 6d, plus Nikon’s lens cost-effective (1.8 legion and countless old lenses), and the year 1424 is second to none (Canon 1124 and Sigma’s series of super wide-angle large aperture The camera was not there at the time.) Finally chose the Nikon d750 plus the original 1424 and 85 1.8g, and 15 years of very hot Sigma 35a. It’s all brand new.

The image quality of the 1424 is still unforgettable. 85.8g in addition to the focus is slightly slower, the resolution color blur is required to meet the demand, shooting portrait is essential, the girl close-up and small objects are very good, the telephoto scenery can also be concurrent, and still. Sigma 35 in addition to sharp … can not find other obvious advantages, plus the level is not enough at the time, can not control 35 focal length. S35a played out in a few months and lost more than 500.

1424 played for half a year, when the abandoned scenery fell out. Lost 1k in the early days. Also used second-hand 20 1.8g as a supplement. Although the 20g picture quality is much better than the 1424. However, the focal length is difficult to accept, the scene of the big scene is narrow, and the portrait is too wide, and it has been played a few times. Catch up with the 16-year lens price increase and make a profit of one or two hundred.

In 16 years, there are only two fixed focuss of 20 and 85. One is too wide and one is too long. It is not convenient to shoot things at ordinary times, and it has entered a second-hand 50 1.8g. The picture quality is still the level of the Nikon 1.8g Legion, which fully meets the needs, the price is cheap, has served so far, and is used as the main lens. Sweeping the streets, still life, portraits, getting used to this focal length, this lens can handle 80% of the daily shooting tasks.

Later I wanted to experience the macro and started the Nikon 60 2.8d. This head 1200rmb into the second-hand, the original price is out, play for a small half a year without losing money. The purple fringe is a bit large, the macro focus is super slow, too heavy, and the dark white balance is so powerful. There is not much time when you really need macro, so come out.

After one year, because of my studies, I barely played. I picked it up at the beginning of this year. Considering the graduation trip, I want to zoom in with a wide angle (yes, only 50 and 85 fixed focus for a long time). 2470 played the school brother, too heavy to consider. Going to the store to experience 2485 and 24120, the 2485 zoom ring feels too bad, the picture quality is reasonable. 24120 is obviously much heavier than 2485 (when people are old, they hope that the equipment can be lighter), and the picture quality is very different, f8 is not as good as f4, and the wide-angle end is not as good as telephoto end.

Locked 2485, but it was not suitable to watch it on the idle fish for a while. Either the price is too high or Iraq is good.

And it is not necessary to reach the telephoto end of 85. At that time, I wondered if there was a 24 50 lens specification… I was looking for it in the color and shadow, but it was really tm! ! ! Checked the general reaction picture quality is good, only six or seven on the head of the fish, there are two versions of ai and ais, the picture quality is the same, the metering and appearance are slightly different. 500 yuan to start the ai version. This head has a similar imaging style to the d-head, and the contrast is large (but not as high as 60 2.8d), and the color is strong. Both resolution and focus are at the pass level, but the price is only one-third of 2485.

I took a few scenery and graduated trips. Considering the weight and quality, this lens is really cost effective. The focus is on the need – light, wide-angle zoom, enough quality. As for the small aperture… The high sense of the d750 is still very good, and the sensitivity is not enough to reduce the noise on the mobile phone. To say other shortcomings – the 24-terminal distortion is strange and obvious, there is still a vignetting angle under f8, the front jade is too far in front of the uv picture quality, the hood can not buy the deputy factory, the original two or three hundred.

In addition, this head does not correct the file… If you need a piece of film, you need to manually remove the vignetting. But it is still the main lens when shooting imprecise content. In summary, Nikon’s equipment selection is more, and it is much easier to enter and exit than Pentax. After playing a few shots, I found that buying a new lens is less meaningful and more rewarding. The lenses I bought later are all used, so far I have not flipped the car (how it feels like a flag…) The equipment on hand is Nikon d750, Nikon ai24 50 3.3-4.5, Nikon 50 1.8g, Nikon 85 1.8g. Sweeping the street to hang 50, travel 2450. Take a sister 50, close-up 85. 24-terminal tabs for Scenery 2450. Personally think that it can meet the demand and the cost performance is high.

5.3 Photographic Equipment – Heart Water Lens

If there is a starry sky demand in the future, it may enter a Sanyang 14 (played by the seniors, the picture quality is similar to the 1424, the disadvantage is manual focus and strange lens distortion). If you have money, you may want to play macro and you may enter 60g. When the level of portraits increases, you may re-enter 35, and the possibility of saving money on the original factory is high. If you go to Japan to play, you may also enter Sigma 24 35f2.

Here is the photography center. Are you studying scenery photography? Or is it natural photography? I think, here you may find what you want.

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