Nature Photography – Powder Portrait Photography Tips

Nature Photography - Powder Portrait Photography Tips

Here is the photography center, introducing you to many photography techniques. There are many ways to take pictures of nature, and you will definitely gain something!

Today, we teach you powder portrait photography skills, want to take attractive portraits of natural photography photos? look here.

Nature Photography - Powder Portrait Photography Tips

First of all, it is very attractive to sprinkle the pigment powder around the person’s body, but pay attention to laying more tarps on the floor, or you will get dust everywhere after taking the photo. You need a suitable place to shoot. Garage or studio is a good choice, or choose to spend the outdoors on a dry night.

Shooting with the flash from the back is great. As long as the powder and the timing of the shot are well grasped, you can capture the moment when the colored powder blooms around the subject very clearly and perfectly. You don’t need expensive equipment – just 2 to 3 flashes (we used 3 turns) and equipment that can trigger the flash off-camera.

Finally, the most important part: pigment powder! You can buy special holiday pigment powders online or use non-toxic paints. It is more attractive to use the flash to illuminate the subject and let the pigment powder bloom.

1,Photography skills – lighting

We used a 3-inch flash while shooting, and added a reflective umbrella in front of the flash to make the light softer. Two of the flashlights are placed behind the model, forming a certain angle with the camera, and the model is illuminated from the back. The third flash is placed on the left side of the camera, and the model is illuminated from the front. When shooting back like this, you need to add a hood to the lens to prevent glare.

2,Photography skills – camera

After the light is finished, adjust the camera to manual mode, and then adjust the shutter speed to the camera’s maximum flash sync speed (generally this value is 1/200 sec – 1/250 sec). Take some test photos first to determine the correct aperture and ISO settings, and adjust the power of the flash if necessary. The settings we used for shooting were shutters 1/250 sec, aperture f/4.5, ISO 200.

Nature Photography - Powder Portrait Photography Tips

3,Photography skills – action

Before you start to spread the pigment powder, take some time to pose the model. Use a shovel or a flatter tool to spread the pigment powder. Carefully spread the pigment powder onto the shovel. Separate each pigment to spread it, so that you can sprinkle a beautiful pattern in the air. About 3-4 cups of pigment are most suitable. We also added some white flour to it.

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