Founder of FOTORBIT International Photo Contest – Tania Chatterjee

Founder of FOTORBIT International Photo Contest - Tania Chatterjee

Tania Chatterjee is a travel and documentary photographer from Kolkata, India. She is the founder of the FOTORBIT International Photo Contest. For Tania, “A successful photo should represent the vision of a photographer and demonstrate a firm belief in the people and society.”

Photographer: Tania Chatterjee

China Scenery Photography Network: Please introduce yourself briefly, can you?

Tania: As a professional photographer, I believe that through the framework of each character, place and event, it can be used to tell an eternal story.

Founder of FOTORBIT International Photo Contest - Tania Chatterjee

I am the founder of FOTORBIT, an art company that promotes photography and has a rich expression for photographers, general audiences and other companies.

As a woman, mother and well-trained environmentalist, I am from Kolkata, known as the “Happy City” of India. I find myself in a unique position in learning and photography practice.

China Scenery Photography Network: Please share some memories of art in childhood?

Tania: When I was young, I was obsessed with painting, drawing and handicrafts; I also like to listen and tell stories.

The sensitivity of this childhood to an art form evolved into photography over time. Behind every photo I take is a story of people, places and culture.

China Scenery Photography Network: When did you come into contact and fall in love with natural photography?

Tania: I have always been passionate about traveling and exploring different cultures. Photography is the medium of communication I express to this place and its people.

Although I used it as a point-and-shoot camera, I fell in love with my first digital SLR camera, the Nikon D90. I started experimenting with the pictures made with SLR cameras to tell the story. As interest grew, I gradually found value in existence.

China Scenery Photography Network: Portrait art is the most moving audience in the collections you have already published. Why don’t you mention this word?

Tania: I want to be a travel and documentary photographer, but I have a special love for portraits, often attracted by different facial features. When I see each face, I will wait for them to make the right expression. Moment.

Each face presents a story, which is the unique ability of the photographer to capture the perfect expression, which is why my portraits rarely become the identity of my photographer.

China Scenery Photography Network: What is the secret of making a perfect portrait?

Tania: The secret is to be able to read the facial expressions of the subject immediately, capturing the emotions of the character and the environment.

Founder of FOTORBIT International Photo Contest - Tania Chatterjee

If you can’t forcefully create a successful portrait, you must find it in connection with your inner talent, learning and practice.

China Scenery Photography Network: As a travel photographer, how do you feel? How is your personal life?

Tania: As a travel photographer, I feel a sense of responsibility and talent. I think I have a certain talent because I have the opportunity to face challenges at the right time, such as being a woman traveling to a remote area (insecure place) or having an unpleasant experience in a group gathering. Or a housework that requires immediate attention.

I feel responsible, because I have to paint this story and its sensitivity and emotion to people and local culture. With the strong support of my family who support my work, I feel it is my responsibility to encourage more women to become travel photographers.

China Scenery Photography Network: What do you think a successful photo needs?

Tania: A successful photo represents people, places and things and their related elements, meaningfully telling a story or touching an emotion.

Good expression, unique composition and humorous image create curiosity and make it appeal to the audience. In short, the image should represent the vision of a photographer and the belief in people and society.

China Scenery Photography Network: What have you learned through photography over the years?

Tania: Photography taught me the beauty and richness of human diversity. It taught me to be sensitive and respectful of multiculturalism.

For each photo, I learned to be patient and try again. Over the years, I have learned that photography is the medium for telling others about personal and social stories.

China Scenery Photography Network: Can you choose a photo to share in the work and the story behind it?

Tania: This photo taken at the Pattankodli Festival in 2018 is one of my personal favorite photos, which marks my success as a female travel photographer in a harsh working environment.

There are more than 100,000 people around, some of them are in a state of paralysis, and they may be trampled at any time. A lot of turmeric powder was thrown into the air. There was nothing to clean my eyes, my breath and my camera lens. Every piece of cloth and paper towel I took out produced turmeric powder. I finally managed to get this image in the eyes of the burning eyes and the uncomfortable touch of the crowd.

After I couldn’t see the things around me, I was worried that this would be my last visual picture. My eyes were burning and filled with turmeric powder. I couldn’t even cry, and I washed my eyes for an hour. I recovered my vision. Please believe that the life of a travel photographer is not good. Behind every image is a story of hard work and dedication.

China Scenery Photography Network: How do you maintain your motivation, not lose your passion for photography?

Tania: I am inspired by the desire to get better works, and the creative photography career has enhanced my enthusiasm. I also interacted with non-photographers, especially developers, to learn more about people and the environment.

China Scenery Photography Network: Most of the time, what camera and lens do you use?

Tania: I am a fan of Nikon. The camera model is the Nikon D750. The lens is usually used:

  Nikkor 24-70mm

  Nikkor 16-35mm

  Nikkor 50mm

  Nikkor 85mm

Founder of FOTORBIT International Photo Contest - Tania Chatterjee

China Scenery Photography Network: Tania, what do you usually like to do?

Tania: Everything about photography is my hobby. Because of my profession, I need to stay hot on social media. In addition, I like to watch movies and spend time with my family.

China Scenery Photography Network: What do you think is your greatest achievement?

Tania: The recognition and appreciation of followers is my greatest achievement. Especially as a woman, when you hear someone say “You are my inspiration, because of you, I have the passion and motivation to pursue photography.” It reminds me of not forgetting my heart and inspiring.

China Scenery Photography Network: What is your motto?

Tania: When personal images become business cards, they can speak for you.

China Scenery Photography Network: Thanks again to Tania for accepting an interview with China Landscape Photography Network. Please say a few words to our photography enthusiasts.

Tania: Thanks to China Landscape Photography Network for providing a platform for our photographers to display and speak. As a travel photographer, my advice to photographers is not to worry, but to get to know the place and its related situation.

Improve your creative thinking, turn this feeling into an image, and then in-depth creation. This is not only a picture you carry, but also respects each photo because it has the inner spirit of local people and places. Practice, practice, and continuous practice are the only ways to train thoughts and eyes. No one can succeed.

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