National photographers teach you to take high-level photos

National photographers teach you to take high-level photos

The same goes for scenery photography, why do people always look so good?

Panoramic photo tour through Taiwan station, follow professional photographers to learn professional photography skills, national photographers teach you to take high-level photos.

After turning on the camera, select the professional mode in camera mode. National photographers teach you to take high-level photos and make parameter adjustments.

National photographers teach you to take high-level photos

Natural photography exposure time:

The exposure time adjusts the shutter speed, and the shutter speed is selected manually according to the photography equipment, and the shooting is quite different.

A fifth of a second of exposure time blurs the passing vehicles, creating a momentary effect of light and shadow, making the image more active.

Use a slower shutter to leave the car’s trajectory, but the different light and shadow effects make the photo feel different.

Beijing’s summer shoots clouds, slower blinds make traffic flow lines and clouds become fluid.

Shooting with slow shutters when water is triggered can record the path of the water flow. The longer the exposure time, the more tracks will remain.

In the case of extremely dark light, the 20-second exposure not only improves the brightness of the image, but also creates a foggy effect on the flowing water.

Long exposure photos, by removing the color in the later stage, improve the black and white contrast and highlight the feeling of water flow.

Natural sensitivity of photography:

Sensitivity is also known as ISO. The lower the ISO, the thinner the image. When the light is good, select 100; When the light conditions are bad, increase the sensitivity properly.

Manual focus, the left is macro, the extreme right is infinite.

In the case of macro, shooting at a distant source will produce a flash effect.

The same scene, only adjusted to infinite focus, all scenes are clear.

Manual focus, clear foreground capture, virtual grand opening simulation of the grand aperture effect.

Natural photography exposure compensation:

In some cases where the shutter speed and ISO are fixed, exposure compensation can be used to adjust the brightness of the image.

Natural photography saturation:

Saturation, color intensity. Choose a low saturation, take a low saturation and choose high saturation for food and some landscapes.

The high saturation makes the photo more intense, and the landscape of the entire lake is more charming.

For the effect of cash in the fall season, it is not bad to choose high saturation.

When you come to Taipei to see the rain in winter, the calm and lost mood is best suited for low saturation.

National photographers teach you to take high-level photos

Contrast of natural photography:

The contrast is a strong and discreet contrast, be it color or exposure. If you trust the later stage, choose a medium or low file and choose a high contrast directly.

The high contrast on the left highlights the effect of light and shadow, while the low contrast on the right shows more details and cloudiness.

When photographing the coast, the low contrast shows the sensation of the filming of Xiaoqing Sinahua.

The same is true for the coast, and the high contrast shows the severity of the waves compared to the sky.

Natural photography white balance:

White balance is also called color temperature. Generally, the color is colder than 5,000 and the color is warmer than 5,000. In professional mode, choose a fluorescent light for warm colors. If you want a fresh color, choose a white woven lamp.

At the same angle, images taken at different color temperatures have different perceptions and emotions.

Professional mode, ISO 100, 20-second exposure, manual focus to infinity, saturation contrast, white balance automatically.

Orion, filmed in professional mode, cannot believe that this is the effect of shooting with a mobile phone. Using the photography techniques described above, national photographers teach you to take high-level photos and photograph the tranquility and tranquility of the city of Jiufen Mountain in Taiwan.

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