Chinese photography – the most noteworthy international nature photography competition

Chinese photography - the most noteworthy international nature photography competition

The 2nd Asia’s Best Natural Photography Award – Macro World Championship

Chinese Photography – Yuan Minghui’s “The Tie of the Frog Prince”

Internationally, in addition to the National Geographic and the Sony World Photography Awards, there are natural photography groups in the comprehensive international competitions. In Europe and the Americas, there are some professional photography competitions for nature and wildlife. . These competitions are aimed at natural and animal landscape photographers who have long observed, photographed and protected wildlife and the natural environment.

Chinese photography - the most noteworthy international nature photography competition

Their works are not as time-sensitive as breaking news photography, but also different from thematic photography in narrative. These works are more relaxed. Chinese photographers aim at the animals, plants and gardens that we are familiar with or strange to, and strive to present the beauty or fragility of the creature and the environment we live in with a different concept and perspective.

Many natural and wildlife photographers participate in some professional nature photography competitions every year. On one hand, they can test their own photography achievements and understand their position in the professional field. On the other hand, they can improve their international reputation and help their career development. . Since 2001, when Chinese photographer Qi Zhinong first won the International Wildlife Photography Competition, more and more Chinese photographers have invested in natural photography.

Today, this article introduces international professional nature photography events based on international influence, professionalism of the competition and the quality of the entries. It is hoped that more and more Chinese photographers will broaden their horizons and go international, showing the world the beauty of Chinese wildlife and the environment.

The picture is taken from “Little Universe” by Yuan Minghui, the only photographer in China who has won the Grand Slam of the International Nature Professional Photo Contest.

Let me talk about the Italian International Natural Photography Competition Award;

Chinese photography - the most noteworthy international nature photography competition

The Italian International Natural Photography Contest is also known as the Aspheric Award and is hosted by the Italian Wildlife Photographers Association. The competition respects the new understanding of the spread of natural photography in specific fields, and refers to the photographer’s professional ethics, tending to respect the natural environment of landscape photography, divided into: scenery, underwater world, mammals, birds, other animals, plants and 8 groups including fungi.

Currently, the Landscape Photography Contest has been held for 11 sessions with high quality such as Mario Colombo, David Patien, Jane Vermeer, Pal Hermanson, Sandra Bartocha Bens Matt is a frequent visitor to the event. The entry fee is 25 euros and 30 works can be submitted. All winning entries will be published in Asferico magazine and displayed on the official website of the competition. Chinese photographer: Yuan Minghui, who won the Plant and Fungus Group Championship in 2017, was the first award-winning Asian photographer.

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